Wedding in Gozo

Sun, sea, food, history and culture - the pristine island of Gozo offers the perfect ingredients for the most memorable wedding.

 The island’s beauty and allure has a way of casting its charm over the hearts of those visiting it, especially on those pondering about tying the knot here. If you’re thinking about holding your wedding in Gozo, here are five reasons to help you say yes!

1.     Gozo has one of the sunniest climates in Europe

Image credit: @rmuscat90 on Instagram

Image credit: @rmuscat90 on Instagram


Malta and Gozo are well known for their Mediterranean climate, characterized by very mild winters and warm to hot summers. Overall, the islands enjoy much more hours of daylight per year than other European countries. 

In addition, the Maltese islands receive around 3,000 hours of glorious sunshine per year, surpassing several of its European counterparts. For comparison, Malta has 161 hours of sunshine in December, whilst London only registered 37 hours.

This means that if you organize your wedding in Gozo, there is a higher probability that your big day will be always blessed by those golden sunrays!


 2.     There are 359 churches to choose from for your ideal wedding ceremony

Image credit: Wedding photographer Julian Kanz

Image credit: Wedding photographer Julian Kanz


You know you are in the Maltese islands when you cannot drive for longer than 10 minutes without meeting a church. It is a truly common feature on the landscape. Some of them are exuberant and dominating the skyline, whilst others are smaller and nestled on side streets.



3.     The island is inundated with perfect locations for wedding photography

From beautiful coastal walks, to lush green countryside, to sun kissed secluded bays… Gozo really has it all. If you are planning your wedding in Gozo, you are really spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect backdrop for your wedding photography.

For instance, Sanap cliffs, located on the southern coastal area of the island offer some truly remarkable views of the Mediterranean Sea from their sheer, vertical drop. 

The Sanap Cliffs Image credit: clairepennphoto on Instagram

The Sanap Cliffs Image credit: clairepennphoto on Instagram


If you’re looking for something more amorous and romantic, the citadel in Victoria will surely seduce you with all the rustic, narrow streets and its beautiful architectural details. 

Image credit: @ilzema

Image credit: @ilzema

Then again, you can always rely on the stunning Gozitan beaches to add some colours and vigour to your wedding photography in Gozo.

Image credit: @babiebuddha

Image credit: @babiebuddha


4.     It is very easy to get around on the island.

Gozo measures just over 67 square kilometres. Hiring a car can really help to benefit from its small size, making it super easy for all those last-minute errands prior to your wedding in Gozo. 

The island’s relatively small size also means that most probably, your wedding ceremony in Gozo and your wedding venue in Gozo will never be more than 20 minutes apart, no matter in which part of the island!


5.     If you want to impress your guests, look no further.

Whether your wedding guests prefer chilling on a beach basking beneath the Mediterranean sun or whether they crave an adrenaline rush from a challenging sports activity – Gozo has got you covered. 

The island is simply brimming with sites and attractions just waiting to be explored.

Below are only some of the activities your guests can take up:

1) A stunning sunset boat trip around Gozo’s beautiful coast

2) Explore Gozo’s scenic countryside by hopping on a quad bike

3) Top up your tan in paradise at the Blue Lagoon on Comino

4) Visit the many gorgeous secluded bays dotting the island’s coastline.

5) Discover the art of wine-making at a vineyard and taste the best local wine

6) Go on an open water fishing trip with the lads