As all our 21 farmhouses are nestled into clusters in the same street, we can manage large groups very effectively. We can manage an occupancy of 120 people in total.

To make your group stay in Gozo even more spectacular and hassle-free, we've put together some add-on items that will add more fun to your trip. 

Adventure Awaits


Let us take care and plan all the fun activities for your group such as a treasure hunts all over the island and other fun games.



Try a fun and different way to experience the unspoiled Gozitan countryside. Whether you're experienced or a beginner, the stable will provide you with a suitable horse and a beautiful ride!



Ramble around the Gozitan coast and explore a wide variety of impressive features. Why not combine it with a delightful picnic prepared by our chef?


cooking class

Step out of your comfort zone and get creative with rich and savory blends inspired by Gozitan ingredients under the guidance of a passionate chef.  


Learn how to distinguish good olive oil, sample homemade food and wash it down with some delicious wine tasting. 



Roam around the narrow streets of Gozo, or discover the panoramic countryside together with your friends on top of these fun and practical vehicles. Adventure is guaranteed!



Gozo has a great deal to offer cyclists, with long country roads, narrow walled streets with rough surfaces and smooth long stretches.



Take your palate on a delightful sensory experience as you sample the distinctive flavors and scents of local wine amidst an authentic Gozitan vineyard.


Good Food - Good Mood

bbq (1).jpg


A trip to Gozo is not complete without relishing in the unique taste of a delicious, Gozitan ftira. Choose your ftira from the menu provided in your farmhouse.

Delivery is free!


sumptuous bbq under the stars

Enjoy a sumptuous BBQ cooked and prepared by our chef in the company of your friends.



Leave everything in our hands whilst you set out to explore nature. We'll prepare a delightful picnic filled with delicious treats for you and we'll even recommend the best picnic spots around the islands!


                                        GROUP 1 - MAY 2017

                                       GROUP 1 - MAY 2017

petra from germany


1. How many persons were in your group? 

We were 30 people.


2. What is the most challenging aspect of organizing a large group visit?

Finding the perfect accommodation, that everybody likes and that can be paid by all pupils. The group should have the possibility to be together and celebrate in the evening but also a private room!


3. How did Bellavista Farmhouses Gozo help you overcome these challenges?

Bellavista Farmhouses offers a very comfortable accommodation with swimming pool and much space for everybody. The pupils felt like kings and queens with that beautiful sunset. Also, they can share a room with a best friend, have their privacy, but can also be with the others in the living room or at the pool area.


4. What advice would you give to anyone organising a group visit to Gozo?

Relax, nothing can happen on such a small island like Gozo, nobody can be lost! Let kids have their free time around the swimming pool and let them organise the food and drinks by themselves, they can use delivery service from the supermarket in Xaghra or Victoria. You cannot manage everything in detail.

                                   GROUP 2 - MARCH 2017

                                  GROUP 2 - MARCH 2017



1. How many persons were in your group? 

There were 120 people.


2. What is the most challenging aspect of organizing a large group visit?

Collecting the money and organising the food and transport for everyone. 


3. How did Bellavista Farmhouses Gozo help you overcome these challenges?

They've made the process for us much easier. They gave us many farmhouses near one another so that we can all be together and once the weekend was over they always put everything that was left behind in a box for us to collect at a later date!


4. What advice would you give to anyone organizing a group visit to Gozo?

Make sure that the people coming up are responsible enough to take care of themselves as at the end of the day, everyone wants to enjoy it equally. Don't organise something alone but rather set up a group of people to organise and help!